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imolesiafor savingpeople

Our History

Moles was born in Elora Design, a startup in Cartagena formed by engineers and passionate about new technologies. One day Natalia, our developer, arrived at the office after spending all morning at the dermatologist checking her moles. Her dermatologist detected three that were potentially dangerous and decided to make an appointment to have them surgically removed for analysis. The surgical appointment was given with a three-month wait. Natalia's concern motivated us to look for a solution that would be able to resolve the diagnosis of skin tumor diseases such as CCB, Actinic Keratosis, Melanocytic Nevus and of course, the most dangerous, Melanoma. We immediately set to work and decided to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that would be able to detect the different patterns that help dermatologists diagnose this type of disease.

Ai for saving people.

Once the development of the first phase was completed, we thought of working on an app, which would be very easy to use for everyone.


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